Learn to scuba dive in New Zealand

Why learn to dive?

Why learn to dive and why learn to dive in New Zealand? Good question!

There are lots of reasons to learn to scuba dive and specifically learn to dive in New Zealand. Maybe your seeking adventure, something to mark off in your life goals and bucket list, because you love to travel and seek out new and exciting locations around the world, want to meet new friends or possible to escape the pressures of work and life by descending into another world or perhaps you would like to learn and see more of the amazing aquatic animals that inhabit the oceans and lakes of Aotearoa.

The list really is endless and with the earth being 71% covered with oceans, why would you not want to live in a bigger world with much more to offer? In this blog we will look a little closer as to why learning to dive and learning to dive in New Zealand is the best gift you could possible give yourself.

Reasons you should learn to dive in New Zealand.

  • A totally cool activity for all ages and genders.

Anyone from the age of 10 can be trained and certified as an SSI Open Water diver. This globally recognised certification program is the best way to begin your lifelong adventures as a certified scuba diver. 

For children aged 6 - 10 years old there are programs like the SSI Try Scuba experience and SSI Explorer program. The SSI Explorers program allows children starting at age six to go underwater and sample the different ways they can explore the aquatic world around them. They will gain a solid foundation in ocean conservation and have the opportunity to experience four main aquatic adventures: snorkelling, scuba diving, freediving, and swimming.

  • Explore parts of the underwater world that many don’t get to see
    With the worlds oceans covering 71 percent of the earth’s surface. If your goal in life is to “see the world” then you’ll need to learn to scuba dive.
    Divers live on a much bigger planet right?

  • Observe and Interact with undersea creatures
    Once you have learned to dive the underwater world is yours to explore. Being able to see a stunning variety of undersea creatures, some unique to New Zealand,  from dolphins, Crayfish, Kelp beds and coral reefs, sea turtles, freshwater eels, various fish species and also large marine mammals like whales and Orcas (yes we have these lots in our waters).
    Discovering the amazing biodiversity in our oceans and ecosystem you will also soon begin to learn the importance of it to our own survival. During your diving adventures you will see the things that most people only see in movies and documentaries. If you want to learn more about the underwater ecology CLICK HERE for more information.

Creatures you might see diving in New Zealand

  • Escape everyday technology, pressure of work/life and just totally zen out.
    Underwater there are no phone calls to answer, emails to respond to. Your attention is on "the now", focusing on yourself, your breathing and only what you can see through your mask (which most of the time is pretty awesome!). Yes diving is good for relaxation and your own personnel mental well being.

  • Learning new skills will enrich your life.
    Becoming a scuba diver doesn’t just involve jumping into the water with all the gear (and no idea). You have to learn from dive professionals (not a family member). You need to learn how to dive safely and why. What you learn on your journey to becoming a scuba diver brings you a wealth of new knowledge and skills and understanding! The learning process never really ends and there is always something new to learn.
    Check out some of the training programs you can do by CLICKING HERE.

  • Meet other likeminded people: Learn to dive in New Zealand and you will become a part of a passionate and friendly group of like minded individuals therefor your social circles will start to extend. After you have learnt to dive there are lots of opportunities to join a local diving club, a good place to enquire about this would be your local dive shop. Joining a dive club after you have learnt to dive in New Zealand will enable you to dive with much more experienced divers therefor you will continue to learn and develop your diving skills further.
    Here at Aotearoa Dive we have our own dive club which is free to join and meets up at least once per month at various locations. Find out what we have coming by CLICKING HERE.

Aotearoa Dive Club (monthly meet)

  • Your going to become a better diver. If you learn to dive to dive in New Zealand you're ultimately going to be a much better diver and here's why. Firstly you will be learning in temperate waters, its perfectly manageable with correct exposure protection but it is certainly not the tropics with temperatures of 30+ degrees C.
    This combined with much lower visibility, typically 5 - 10 meters and sometimes less and not the 20 - 50 meter visibility you might get in the tropics. Your training is going to be much more challenging (not that you will know any different when learning to dive), you will rise to this challenge and come out the other end and much more experianced and able to cope with tougher diving conditions compared to someone who has leant to dive in the tropics (trust me, stick these divers in our conditions and they will struggle).
    For many years we worked around the globe and a wide variety of dive resorts and dive centres and when ever we had divers come to us who had training in New Zealand they were always awesome and could hold there own!

  • It's a cultural thing. If you are an international traveller who is coming to New Zealand for a trip why not combine it with learning how to dive. Not only will you learn a new skill but your going to get close to and learn a whole heap about the local people (Iwi), the local ecology, the local environment, and choose your training centre and Instructor wisely you may just get to learn much more about the history of the land and its people at a much more personnel level. It may just be the best memory you carry in the future of your trip to New Zealand!

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Its always good to challenge yourself and to try something new. Your life may just start to take a very different direction and your new skills and passion is something you can be very passionate and proud of. Becoming a SCUBA diver can boost your confidence and self esteem, develop a better understanding of yourself and your body, it can also increase your confidence and the satisfaction of life.

  • You will become a calmer person. Learning to dive is all about learning to relax and learning how to breath correctly (to make your air supply last longer). Your going to learn great skills that you can use in stressful situations out of the water too!

As you can see there are many reasons why you should learn to dive and more importantly learn to dive in New Zealand, the list really is endless. So why learn to dive with us?
Read our Google and Facebook reviews and see how some of our customers found their experience with us. If your looking for  passion and vast global experience in your diving instructors then you're in good hands with Aotearoa Dive. For our international guests visiting New Zealand and considering learning to dive, we based in Rotorua which is the cultural capital of Aotearoa and as well as learning to dive you can entertain yourself with everything this amazing area has to offer.

If you're interested in learning to dive please CLICK HERE.

If your an International tourist visiting New Zealand check out the experiences we offer by CLICKING HERE.


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