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We are happy to provide the following services;

When it comes to dive equipment servicing you need the very best. 

Aotearoa Dive offers the  most extensive dive equipment servicing and testing procedures in New Zealand . Our custom built bespoke equipment servicing facility is professionally equipped with a vast range of branded custom SCUBA tooling and scientific test equipment, imported from the USA/Europe, so you can be assured your dive equipment is serviced correctly and in accordance with original manufacturers procedures and specification.

  • All work is conducted by qualified experienced and professional dive equipment service technicians (who dive on a weekly basis). Our dive equipment service technician has over 35 years global dive experience in the industry.

  • We provide extensive scientific test reports on all dive equipment servicing including flow performance/breathing resistance graphs. We also bench test all new equipment prior to purchasing and using in the water, this ensures ultimate diver safety.

  • All our dive equipment servicing is conducted onsite. We pride ourselves on providing a fast turnaround on dive equipment servicing and dive cylinder fills, dive cylinder hydro testing and dive cylinder visual inspections.

  • All computer servicing is conducted with a proper dry/wet chamber pressure testing pot.

  • Come into our store and see for yourself, we don't cut any corners, we do it right!

Often imitated - never reproduced, Aotearoa Dive offers the very best in modern dive equipment servicing procedures.
Why settle for anything less than the best?


  • 1st & 2nd stage scuba regulators 
  • High pressure/Low pressure hoses 
  • Instrumentation including pressure gauges & compasses
  • Buoyancy compensator and inflation systems
  • Computer/watch battery replacement & pressure testing
  • Dive equipment tune and check up
  • Oxygen cleaning of dive equipment and cylinders
  • Cylinder valve servicing and parts
  • Dive cylinder internal cleaning and steralising
  • Dive cylinder visual & hydro testing
  • Dive equipment performance testing
  • Dive equipment configuration advice


  • Scuba cylinder air (21% oxygen)
  • Enriched Air Nitrox (up to 99% oxygen)
  • Oxygen (Medical grade)
  • BA cylinder air (up to 350bar)
  • Paintball, PCP & air gun cylinders (up to 350bar)
  • Composite cylinder fills (up to 350bar)
  • Trimix (coming soon)

Scuba cylinder breathing air quality for divers

Air (Oxygen) is the single most important thing to a diver when scuba diving. Whether you are SCUBA diving for fun or its your profession, the last thing you want to worry about is your compressed air quality. Our brand new Bauer Mini Verticus MV250 high pressure compressor is a newly designed field-proven system that sets the very highest standards in technology and air quality and purity.

We also ensure breathing gas quality by using a Bauer B-Securus filter monitoring system.

The B-SECURUS system monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge(s) by measuring the residual humidity of the compressed air in the molecular sieve of the P-filter system and outputs an "advance warning" on the compressor control display,  indicating when the filter cartridge(s) should next be changed. 
The service life of the cartridge(s) cannot be exceeded because the advance warning signal draws attention to the saturation of the filter cartridge(s) in plenty of time. The B-SECURUS filter monitoring system ensures that the compressed breathing air is as clean as possible and in accordance with DIN EN 12021 and Worksafe/Air Purity NZ.

All our high pressure breathing air is tested/analysed every three months. We analise levels of Oxygen in our breathing gas and test for levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapour, oil mist and odour. Our air quality test certificate is displayed in store for your perusal.

TIP - Make sure you use a reputable Fill Station that proudly displays their current Gas Purity Test Report (As we do).

Safety is in the air!

Enriched Air Nitrox (EaNX) & 100% Oxygen

We can blend high quality Enriched Air Nitrox (maximum 40%), to order and while you wait. We correctly compensate all EaNX fills for humidity ensuring accuracy well within 1% of the required blend.
Pure oxygen fills are available for technical divers, rebreathers (SCR & CCR) and first aid oxygen cylinders. All oxygen fills are provided using diving/medical grade oxygen. 

BA & escape sets
We can fill breathing apparatus and escape set cylinders to a maximum of 350bar (cylinders permitting) while you wait. We welcome trade customers to set up an account with us. We provide an out of hours service for professional companies to ensure your cylinders are ready when you need them.

Paintball & airgun gas fills
We are happy to fill paintball and air gun cylinders with air up to 350 bar (cylinders permitting) while you wait. We have various adaptors on site to ensure we can connect to your set up. We can also supply cylinders for air guns including composite PCP.
All cylinders must have a current hydrostatic test and LAB numbers in accordance with local regulations/Worksafe.

Gas blender training
We offer professional Nitrox/Trimix gas blender training, CLICK HERE for details.


  • All high pressure gas fills are prepared by certified (NZUA/Air Purity/Worksafe) and experienced fill station technicians. 

  • All enriched air nitrox, mixed gas and oxygen fills are prepared by qualified and experienced Nitrox/Trimix blenders.

  • Appropriate certification identification is required for all Enriched Air Nitrox and Oxygen fill purchases.

  • Our pledge to our customers is no low fills & high quality breathing gases. 


Unsure about your dive equipment performance or if your needing dive equipment servicing?
Bring in your regulators/buoyancy compensator/cylinders for a "free" check up from our dive technician. Once we have inspected and tested your equipment we can advise on any non conformities. 


We can provide technical divers with dive equipment oxygen cleaning servicing. Our service technician is qualified, experianced and certified to conduct and teach correct oxygen cleaning procedures. 

We do it right!

Want to learn more about your equipment and how to reduce equipment service costs?

Sign up for the SSI Equipment Techniques Program and learn how to choose, maintain and store your diving equipment for maximum performance. You will also learn about preventative dive equipment maintenance and repair to ensure you get maximum longevity from your Total Diving System. 

Spend the day in our service room with  Aotearoa Dive's service technician and learn basic SCUBA equipment repair. CLICK HERE for more information.


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