We are happy to provide


  • Scuba cylinder air 
  • Enriched Air Nitrox 
  • Oxygen 
  • BA cylinder air 
  • Paintball, PCP & air gun 
  • 300 bar fills
  • Trimix (coming soon)

Scuba cylinder air

Air (Oxygen) is the single most important thing to a diver when scuba diving. We supply high quality, triple filtered pure breathing air and technical gases. All our air is compatible with oxygen clean cylinders. Our cascade air bank stores can easily cope with filling multiple cylinders at any time.

Enriched Air Nitrox & Oxygen

We can blend Enriched Air Nitrox to order and while you wait. Pure oxygen fills are provided using diving grade oxygen.

BA & escape sets

We can fill breathing apparatus and escape set cylinders while you wait. We welcome trade customers to set up an account with us. We provide an out of hours service to companies to ensure your cylinders are ready when you need them.

Paintball & airgun 

We are happy to fill paintball and air gun cylinders with air up to 300 bar. We have various adaptors on site to ensure we can connect to your set up. We can also supply cylinders for air guns including composite PCP.

  • All cylinders must have a current hydrostatic test and LAB numbers in accordance with local regulations
  • All gas fills are prepared by certified and experienced fill station technicians
  • Appropriate certification identification is required for all Enriched Air Nitrox and Oxygen fills
  • Our pledge to our customers is no low fills 


  • 1st & 2nd stage regulators 
  • Hoses and instrumentation
  • Buoyancy compensator
  • Computer / watch battery replacement & pressure testing
  • Dive system tune and check up
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Cylinder valve
  • Dive cylinder internal rumbling
  • Cylinder visual & hydro testing
  • Equipment configuration advice


    Servicing pricelist 

    Equipment hire form

    Free equipment check up

    Bring in your regulators/buoyancy compensator/cylinders for a free check up from our service technician. 


    Equipment oxygen servicing


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