We all live on one planet - Let us show you a different world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform your scuba diving adventure into a lifetime passion that will educate, inspire, and energize you unlike anything else.

We want to show you the amazing diversity of marine life in both fresh and salt water, while at the same time educating our divers about an environment that can benefit from their respect and care. Every customer that visits us is trained to the highest possible standard. You are our most valued asset, as you help us spread our mission and philosophies for the environment to other divers.

We all live on one planet - Let us show you a different world.

Why choose Aotearoa Dive


Our Promise

To Customers

We are committed to providing high-quality services to every single one of our customers. By establishing long-term relationships, we can better cater to their individual needs while making sure that they are safe, have a comfortable experience and most importantly enjoying themselves.

To Employees

Our employees are treated like whanau, we aim to bring out the best in them by developing their strengths and qualifications. We are strong advocates for diversity and go all out to give employees the best experience possible. We offer our staff a real opportunity to progress to their full potential.

To Society

The only thing we will leave behind is a positive impact on the local community with ethical and sustainable practices. We want to strengthen the economy by partnering with a number of local businesses that can provide our customers with additional services making their scuba diving experience unforgettable.

To the Environment

There is nothing more important to us than sustaining the environment. That's why we do everything in our power to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum, we follow the Blue Oceans responsible diver philosophy and provide education of ecological practices. We create environmentally conscious divers!

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