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Manaia represents: The Manaia is a mythical creature in Māori culture. The Manaia represents the balance between the sky, the earth and the sea, the Manaia is usually depicted as having the head of a bird and the tail of a fish and the body of a man, always displayed in profile, half in the our world, half in the spirit world. Its symbol is used as a guardian against evil.

Dive flag represents: Incorporated in the word "Dive" is a conventional dive flag used globally to signal a diver down and any vessels are to keep well clear at slow speed.

Sub Aquatic Specialists represents: Aotearoa Dive's area of expertise and represents our high quality service and training philosophy. 

Red represents: Te Whei Ao (coming into being). It symbolizes Papatūānuku, the earth-mother, the sustainer of all living things, both the land and active forces.

Black represents: Te Korekore (the realm of potential being). Symbolizing the long darkness from which the earth emerged, as well as signifying Ranginui, the sky father floating above the earth.

White represents: Te Ao Marama (the realm of being and light) was created when Rangi and Papa were separated by their children. It symbolizes the physical world, purity, harmony, enlightenment and balance. Aotearoa text in white also represents, The long white cloud.


Ko Renee Tapsell tōku ingoa

Owner/Operations Manager 

SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer/Master Instructor/Freedive Instructor/PADI MSDT
Ngati Whakaue, Te Arawa

Renee has been working in the SCUBA diving industry for more than 12 years, instructing, managing & developing dive centers and resorts all around the world, prior to returning home here in Aotearoa.

Becoming a Dive Instructor allowed her to combine two passions,  being cultural diversity through travel and education of the aquatic realm. This was achieved through the respect and admiration of our oceans and lakes.

Now home in Aotearoa she is training her community how to dive and keep themselves safe underwater, advancing their diver skills, creating career pathways and producing advocates for our oceans and lakes.

Renee is also a leader for Wahine that SCUBA within Aotearoa, and is continually training, developing and inspiring all who she meets with a deep cultural understanding of Polynesian diving in the Southern hemisphere.

Marine Guide
Divemaster Instructor
Open water Instructor
Classified Dive Buddy
Deep diving Instructor
Scuba ranger Instructor
Snorkel Diver Instructor
Basic Freedive Instructor
Altitude diving Instructor
Computer diving Instructor
Classified Diver Instructor
Assistant Instructor trainer
Enriched air nitrox Instructor
Dive guide specialty Instructor
Navigation Specialty Instructor
Advanced open water Instructor
Wreck Diving Specialty Instructor
Shark Ecology Specialty Instructor
Dry Suit Diving Specialty Instructor
Marine Ecology Specialty Instructor
Marine Mammals Specialty Instructor
Science of Diving Specialty Instructor
Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Instructor
Sea Turtle Ecology Specialty Instructor
React Right Instructor (FA, CPR, AED, O2)
Equipment Techniques Specialty Instructor
Manta and Ray Ecology Specialty Instructor
Diver stress & Rescue Specialty Instructor
Night Diving and Limited Visibility Specialty Instructor

Diver level 10
Master Instructor
Gold 500 Instructor
Silver 300 Instructor
SSI Digital University
Century 100 Instructor
Platinum Pro 5000 Diver

Side mount diver
Advanced nitrox diver
Decompression procedures diver

Assistant Instructor
Master scuba diver trainer
Project AWARE Instructor
Open water scuba Instructor
Night diver specialty Instructor
Wreck diver specialty Instructor
Peak performance buoyancy Instructor
Enriched air diver specialty Instructor
Care for children w/AED specialty Instructor
Emergency oxygen provider specialty Instructor
AWARE Coral reef conservation specialty Instructor
Emergency first response (CPR) and
secondary care (1st) w/AED Instructor

Tec Rec gas blender

NZ Medic first aid
Emergency care (O2/AED/First aid) Instructor

NZUA Air Purity Approved Gas Filler

Ko Adrian ‘Bev’ Bebbington tōku ingoa

Owner/Managing Director

SSI Instructor Trainer/SSI Classified Diver Instructor Trainer/XR/SCR Instructor/TDI Instructor/Freedive Instructor/PADI Master Instructor/SCUBA service technician 

Bev has been involved in diving for over 35 years and is a huge advocate and conservationist for our oceans and fresh water lakes. He has lived, dived and worked in many different countries around the world, but was captivated by the beauty of Aotearoa, both above and below the surface, and never left after arriving here over 6 years ago.

Bev specialises in advanced, technical, SCR, classified diving and dive professional career development. He is also a sidemount diving expert and educator, with global experience and a lust for rust.

When he is not teaching, he works as our SCUBA diving service technician and is the Safety Manager here at Aotearoa Dive.

Marine guide
Instructor trainer
Classified dive buddy
Divemaster instructor
Open water instructor
Snorkel Diver instructor
Assistant instructor trainer
Sidemount instructor trainer
Advanced open water instructor
Decompression diving instructor
SCR diving instructor (Horizon)
Dive guide specialty instructor
Classified Diver Instructor trainer
Scuba Explorer instructor trainer
Extended Range Sidemount instructor
Extended Range Foundations instructor
Technical DPV Diving instructor trainer
SCR Extended Range instructor (Horizon)
Navigation specialty instructor trainer
Extended Range Nitrox Diving instructor
Boat Diving specialty instructor trainer
Full Face Mask Diving instructor trainer
Deep Diving specialty instructor trainer
Wreck Diving specialty instructor trainer
Photo & Video specialty instructor trainer
Shark Ecology specialty instructor trainer
Scooter / DPV specialty instructor trainer
Recreational DPV Diving Instructor trainer
Marine Ecology specialty instructor trainer
Marine Mammals specialty instructor trainer
Dry Suit Diving specialty instructor trainer
Altitude Diving specialty instructor trainer
Gas Blender Nitrox/Trimix instructor trainer
Computer Diving specialty instructor trainer
Perfect Buoyancy specialty instructor trainer
Marine Invertebrate Ecology instructor trainer
Science Of Diving specialty instructor trainer
Independent Diving specialty instructor trainer
Sea Turtle Ecology specialty instructor trainer
Enriched Air Nitrox specialty instructor trainer
Fish Identification specialty instructor trainer
React Right Instructor trainer (FA, CPR, AED, O2)
Equipment Techniques specialty instructor trainer
Coral Identification specialty instructor trainer
Advanced Wreck Diving specialty instructor trainer
Manta And Ray Ecology specialty instructor trainer
Search & Recovery specialty instructor trainer
Diver stress & Rescue specialty instructor trainer
Waves, Tides & Currents specialty instructor trainer
Recreational Sidemount Diving specialty instructor trainer
Night Diving and Limited Visibility specialty instructor trainer

Diver level 10
Master instructor
Silver free diver
Gold 500 instructor
Silver 300 instructor
SSI Digital University
Bronze 200 instructor
Century 100 instructor
Platinum Pro 5000 diver
Platinum 1000 instructor
Instructor trainer update 2022

Nitrox instructor
Intro to tec instructor
Side mount instructor
Advanced nitrox instructor
Nitrox gas blending instructor
Decompression procedures instructor
Equipment O2 service technician instructor
Advanced gas blending instructor (Nitrox and Trimix)

Staff instructor
Master instructor
Freedive instructor
Master scuba diver trainer
Open water scuba instructor
Drift diver specialty instructor
Boat diver specialty instructor
Deep diver specialty instructor
Night diver specialty instructor
Wreck diver specialty instructor
Tec rec trimix blender instructor
Tec side mount specialty instructor
Multilevel diver specialty instructor
Project AWARE specialty instructor
Side mount diver specialty instructor
Enriched air diver specialty instructor
Dive against debris specialty instructor
Equipment specialist specialty instructor
Underwater navigator specialty instructor
Underwater naturalist specialty instructor
Fish identification diver specialty instructor
Search & recovery diver specialty instructor
Care for children w/AED specialty instructor
Diver propulsion vehicle specialty instructor
Self-reliant diver distinctive specialty instructor
Emergency oxygen provider specialty instructor
Peak performance buoyancy specialty instructor
AWARE Coral reef conservation specialty instructor
Surface marker buoy diver distinctive specialty instructor
AWARE Dive against debris distinctive specialty instructor
AWARE Shark conservation distinctive specialty instructor
AWARE Sea turtle awareness distinctive specialty instructor
Coral watch coral health chart distinctive specialty instructor
AWARE Whaleshark awareness distinctive specialty instructor
Emergency first response (CPR) and secondary care (1st) w/AED instructor

PADI Elite instructor 2015

AIDA 2 Freediver
AIDA 3 Advanced freediver
AIDA 4 Master freediver

NZUA Air Purity Air Filler Trainer

Ko Kyla Johnston tōku ingoa

Owner/IT Manager

SSI Open Water Instructor/Specialty Instructor

Kyla is an active technical diver and dive educator with extensive knowledge on dive theory and dive equipment, she is more than happy to share this with her students. Kyla specialises in sidemount, technical and closed circuit rebreather (CCR) diving and is also a big advocate for wāhine that SCUBA.

Never one to sit idle, Kyla is constantly up-skilling and continues to train as her goal is to dive beyond the 100 meter depth zone. A great mentor to all her students with solid in water skills, we are very proud to have her on our team. Kyla is the IT manager for Aotearoa Dive.

Ko Malachi Gerrard tōku ingoa

Sales representative

SSI Divemaster Trainee
Te Whakatōhea, Ngati Rua Takenga

Malachi is the newest addition to the Aotearoa Dive team, and is currently training up to professional Dive Master level. Coming from the environmental sector she is passionate about the environment and has a wealth of experience from her work with the Department of Conservation, Aotearoa.

She aspires to lead the next generation of younger divers through professional diver education and is well on track to obtaining Open Water Instructor level in the near future.

With great customer interpersonal skills and always with a smile, Malachi heads up the retail side of Aotearoa Dive and we are proud to have her as part of the team.


“It draws back to connection; connection between the lakes, the ocean and our vision.... when the ocean is well, and the environment is well, the people will thrive” - Renee Tapsell - Operations Manager, SSI Master Instructor.


  • Aotearoa Dive is an SSI multi award winning recreational, extended range, SCR, freediving, classified diving and instructor training centre based in Rotorua on the North Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand). 

  • We offer entry level "learn to dive" programs and specialise in advanced, technical, SCR diver training, classified diving and professional career development . We are also Sidemount training experts.

  • Our services also include dive equipment retail and hire, gas cylinder fills/Hydro/Visual testing, SCUBA/Dive equipment servicing and diving equipment consultation.

  • We conduct regular clean up events in our lakes and oceans and have an active dive club - (Ngā Manaia dive club).

  • Please read our Google and Facebook reviews to find out what our customers experienced with us.

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  • Performance - New comer of the year 2021, 2022, 2023

  • Excellence - SSI Pro Instructor Training Center 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

  • Environment - Blue Oceans 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

  • Facility - Diamond center 2022, 2023, 2024

  • Number 1 SSI training centre in New Zealand - student certifications 2022

  • The first established SSI Mares Horizon SCR training facility in New Zealand

  • The first established SSI Classified Diving Center in New Zealand

  • Finalist - Tomkins Wake Rotorua Business Awards - Kaitiakitanga Enviromental Sustainability and Climate Change

  • Finalist - Tomkins Wake Rotorua Business Awards - Peoples Choice

A special thank you to our team, supporters and customers, you guys rock!


Discover your true potential with Aotearoa Dive and we will ensure you become the best diver you can with our uncompromising Diver Diamond training philosophy. Performance requirements are the absolute minimum you will learn but we go above and beyond these to expand your skills and understanding. We do it right, we create real divers.

All our training programs include classroom based learning with a dive professional to ensure you really do understand what you are learning. Combined with your E learning experience you will be a better educated diver.
All our in-water training is never rushed and "tea bagging" students is definitely not our style or business model, if your looking for something "hard and fast" we may not be the training facility for you.

The best way to learn essential skills is through continuous and correct repetition. The goal of this repetition is to learn the skills so well that they can be performed automatically, and without conscious thought. This is SSI's signature water training method: ”Comfort Through Repetition.”


Scuba Schools International grew out of the passion of a few avid divers who were intent on making it possible for anyone to learn how to scuba dive.

For more than 50 years, SSI has provided training, scuba diving certification, and educational resources for divers, dive instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world. Started in 1970, SSI has expanded to include more than 30 Service Centres, is represented in more than 110 countries with over 2,800 International locations. SSI is the name to trust in the diving world, and we attribute that success to our uncompromising standards and focused methodology.

Since June 1, 2010, Scuba Schools International is one of the few training agencies who qualified for a Global ISO Certification. 

SSI is globally recognised anywhere you dive. Find out more about the history of SSI HERE and HERE.


A Blue Oceans Center exemplifies the attributes of a business firmly committed to protecting and preserving our ocean home.
We achieved this status by satisfying the following requirements, thus involving our entire staff and customer base in creating a culture of environmental awareness within our store. Conservation is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Be a current, active status SSI Training Center
  • Promote the SSI Sustainable Diver Code and Blue Oceans Philosophy
  • Provide training in Perfect Buoyancy and SSI Ecology programs
  • Be active in environmental protection by supporting environmental projects and organizations
  • Organising clean-ups and environmental protection events above or below the water
  • Keeping our centre environmentally friendly at all times

Our divers don’t just dive, they want to see the ocean thrive.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Aotearoa Dive is a member of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the Rotorua District. We are committed to continually improving all business dimensions, including our social, cultural, and environmental performance.

By choosing to support businesses that have committed to sustainable practices, residents and visitors are encouraging other businesses to adopt the same sustainability ethic.

 Aotearoa Dive have a long term objective on reducing its carbon footprint while educating our community and overseas visitors about environmentally friendly diving practises. We want to see our lakes and oceans thrive.


We retail and stock a large variety of quality dive equipment brands to suit everyones budget, from entry level to high end. We are able to supply equipment for snorkelling, recreational SCUBA diving, technical SCUBA diving and Freediving.

We have a vast amount of retail experience, product knowledge and are able to advise on the right equipment for your specific needs and all backed by our uncompromising post customer support.
All of the equipment we retail is either used or tested by our team. We won't sell you something you don't need.


AdventureMark is New Zealand's largest adventure certification body. 
AdventureMark is a JAS-ANZ accredited and WorkSafe NZ approved Certification Body for its Blue AdventureMark Certification under the New Zealand Adventure Activities Certification Scheme. 

The AdventureMark symbol is a New Zealand registered trademark that provides a clear and public demonstration that Aotearoa Dive have successfully demonstrated conformance with the safety audit standard for adventure activities.

You are in safe hands!

Please ensure you have read our Diving Risk Disclosure by CLICKING HERE


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