Extend your Horizon and be a part of the revolution

Horizon SCR Diver training

The decades of expertise behind Mares and rEvo rebreathers have combined to create a unique semi-closed unit like no other. For divers seeking a revolutionary SCR approach in a system that is easy to use, natural to dive, designed with all levels of diver in mind and developed to provide the utmost security...
Aotearoa Dive offer a range of New Zealand Horizon SCR training programs, from Try SCR up to SCR Extended Range. 

The Mares Horizon is in a class of its own amongst semi-closed rebreathers. Enjoy a new experience diving with fewer bubbles, improved buoyancy, and increased dive time. The Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather is the perfect companion for avid photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, recreational, commercial and technical divers.

Personalised training is combined with in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and experience required to become truly comfortable diving the unit. We are the Mares Horizon SCR specialists in New Zealand.


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