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Try SCR Diving Program

Looking to purchase an SCR, but uncertain if rebreather diving is right for you? Then sign up for an SSI Try SCR Diving  experience today! In this introductory  Try SCR diving course, you will get to dive a revolutionary semi-closed rebreather system that is easy to use, natural to dive, and designed with all levels of diver in mind. Enjoy a new experience diving with fewer bubbles, improved buoyancy, and increased dive time.

Course Overview

For divers seeking to leave their large scuba cylinder behind, the Horizon Try SCR program offers you an introductory experience using the Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather (SCR), in a pool environment. The "Try SCR" program is designed to be a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

With our SCR Instructor you will be given a basic orientation to the Horizon SCR, how it functions and then get to dive it in a warm indoor pool. Upon completion of your Try SCR experience you also then have the option to add an extra in confined open water (maximum depth 12 meters). Contact us for further details.

If you decide to sign up to the SSI "SCR Diving" or SSI "SCR Extended Range" program with us within 1 month, we will deduct $100 from your future SCR training program fees.

Sign up for an SSI Try SCR Diving experience today and experience the silent world!


  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Have logged at least 12 dives
  • Be a certified Open Water Diver
  • Be fit and healthy to dive
  • Academic Session: short online learning
  • Confined Water: 1 session
  • Open Water Dives: Optional extra 
  • Max Depth: 12 meters
  • Time: 3 hours

Cost $150


  • Total diving system hire
  • Use of a Mares Horizon SCR 
  • All nitrox and sorb 
  • Pool fees
  • Recognition e-card.


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