SSI Explorers Program

Go underwater and discover the wonder of Snorkel, Scuba, Mermaid, and Freediving Explorer programs.

The SSI Explorers program allows children starting at age six to go underwater and sample the different ways they can explore the aquatic world around them. They will gain a solid foundation in ocean conservation and have the opportunity to experience four main aquatic adventures: snorkeling, scuba diving, freediving, and swimming like a real mermaid. SSI Explorers can also expand their diving knowledge as they continue their underwater experience with specialty courses like marine mammal ecology, underwater photography, and 20 others.

Besides fun for the whole family, your children who have not yet achieved the minimum age for scuba diving will learn important life skills. These underwater adventures will enable young divers to acquire maturity, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility. Contact your local SSI Training Center for information on how to get started today!


  • 8 years old or older

  • General comfort level and ability to swim

  • Completed Medical Statement (signed off by a doctor, if required). CLICK HERE

Cost $350

Master Explorer (8 specialties) 
4 week program - 2 specialties per session

Course overview

The SSI Explorers program takes kid’s diving to a whole new level.

Combined with the guidance and supervision of qualified SSI Explorers Instructors, this program includes a comprehensive printed Explorers manual to help your child learn the knowledge and skills they need to safely participate in snorkeling, mermaid, freediving, and scuba in a pool or confined water environment. 

The manual is very engaging, with colorful cartoon drawings and authentic ocean images for this young audience.


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