Preparing tomorrow's divers - Learn safety, skills an techniques

Scuba Ranger Program

The mission of Scuba Rangers is simple: To involve children in scuba diving so they can experience the excitement of water exploration. 

The Scuba Rangers Program teaches children the knowledge and skills required to be a safe diver, while encouraging them to have as much fun as possible! As a pool-only program, the Scuba Rangers Program offers all of the training and education that a regular Open Water Diver receives.
Learning to scuba dive in the Scuba Rangers Program is the foundation on which children build self-confidence, discipline, and self-esteem. 

Participation in the Scuba Rangers program offers children the opportunity to learn more about the world around them, gain diving proficiency, be active in the scuba community, meet new and interesting people, and do things they never imagined possible!


  • 8 years old or older
  • General comfort level and ability to swim
  • Completed Medical Statement (signed off by a doctor, if required)
  • Participation in a Try Scuba prior to joining Scuba Rangers


Scuba Rangers Packages

  • Intermediate Ranger (2 specialties) $160
  • Advanced Ranger (4 specialties) $300
  • Master Ranger (8 specialties) $600

or $80 per session

Course overview

All the specialties available

Buoyancy Ranger

Introduction to scuba terminology, buoyancy, and control underwater, breathing techniques 
Setting up good foundations for the rest of their diving experience.

Rescue Ranger

The Rescue Ranger Specialty is designed to familiarise the children with the basic skills associated with not only water rescue techniques, but also land rescue techniques as well. Also, this Specialty gives the children an opportunity, that they would not normally have, to interact with the police and 􏰀re/rescue professionals and learn about their function within the community they live in. This is not a First Aid or Stress and Rescue Program, but an introduction to what is involved with rescue situations.

Search and recovery Ranger

The Search Ranger Specialty is designed to teach the Scuba Rangers the basic techniques used for locating objects underwater. The skills that are taught in this session are applicable to both underwater and surface searches.

Night Ranger

The Night Ranger Specialty gives the Scuba Rangers the opportunity to practice their skills, play games and learn night diving skills in the pool, at night with the lights off.

Deep Ranger

The Deep Ranger Specialty is designed to allow the children the opportunity to practice their skills, play games and begin to experience the effects of being in deep water. As the Rangers become more comfortable in deeper water, they will become better divers.
This is a great self-esteem boost, as they grow closer to becoming Junior Open Water Divers.

Navigation Ranger

The Navigation Ranger Specialty introduces the Scuba Rangers to the use of compass and natural navigation techniques. This Specialty is taught to the children much like the Navigation Specialty is taught to the adults.

Maze Ranger

The Maze Ranger Specialty is designed to allow the children the opportunity to practice their skills in a variety of different ways. Stations are set up in the shallow area of the pool that are connected by a line that the children follow. Each station has a specific skill that the children perform. After completing the skill, the children follow the line to the next station. This Specialty is a great opportunity to incorporate all the skills the children have learned in all of their training including other specialties.

Marine Life Ranger

The Marine-Life Ranger Specialty offers the Scuba Rangers an opportunity to learn about the animals (critters) that live in the oceans.

Learning about marine life some we know and some we don’t, and finding some of our  in different locations around the pool.


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