SSI Specialty Instructor

Continuing Education is not only paramount for creating safe, active SSI divers, it is also essential to your long-term success as an Instructor. Continuing your diving education with an SSI Specialty Instructor seminar not only benefits your students but is also essential for your own personnel development.

Find out more on how to qualify as a SSI Specialty Instructor and expand your teaching abilities, everything from Deep Diving to Gas Blending or perhaps learn how to become an SSI Sidemount Instructor.

Becoming an SSI Specialty Instructor is easy - enrol in an SSI Specialty Instructor Seminar for each of the diving specialties you would like to teach. You may choose to complete your Open Water Instructor program with us and immediately continue with Specialty Instructor training seminars, therefor increasing your future employment opportunities and earning potential. 

Alternatively you can co-teach the specialty you are interested in with our own experienced SSI Specialty Instructors. This internship approach enables you really get first hand experience and this option is the best for gaining valuable experience giving you the confidence and skills to be the very best. 

Once you have four (4) specialty instructor certifications (Including Diver Stress and Rescue) and issued at least 15 specialty and/or Advanced Adventurer certifications you will become an Advanced Open Water Instructor.

Course Overview

  • Read the applicable parts of the SSI Training Standards Complete the digital learning materials
  • Review the instructor manual, PEGs, and cue cards
  • Review the 􏰀final exam
  • Prepare an academic teaching session as directed, and following the Academic Teaching Evaluation form and criteria
  • Prepare an in-water teaching session as directed, included all applicable skills, and following the In-Water Teaching Evaluation form and criteria

Cost $600

Or 5 specialties for the price of 4 

  • Online eLearning, academic sessions & in water training 
  • Dive cylinders and weights provided during training
  • E-card
  • SSI professional registration fee
  • Light refreshments during your course
  • Dive club membership 
  • Pro discount on new equipment purchased from us
  • CV preperation and job placement assistance 
  • On going support throughout your career in the industry



Ecology Specialty Instructor 

  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Divemaster rating (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

Be the best - become a Sub Aquatic Specialist with our signature training method and internship - enquire for more information.


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