Compliance training in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work

NZUA Air Purity Air Filler Compliance Certificates

All cylinders with a water capacity of 500ml or more, filled in NZ, require the filler to hold a WorkSafe NZ compliance certificate (NZUA Air Purity) in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017. Failure to comply with this legislation could incur heavy penalties.

Course Overview

The NZUA Air Purity gas fillers half day program will provide you with all the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to Identify cylinders, operate a gas fill station and safely fill SCUBA cylinders as required.

With a combination of an academic sessions and practical experience you will learn about a variety of SCUBA cylinder, valves and valve types, Identifying SCUBA cylinder markings, Operation of a gas filling station and general maintenance of high pressure equipment.
In addition to this, guided by our experienced gas technician you will gain an insight into NZUA Air Purity, contributing factors of contaminated air, cylinder filling procedures, safe filling speeds, and the HSWA Act and regulations.

NZUA Air Purity program prerequisites

  • Minimum age: 15
  • Must complete the air fillers programme
  • Must pass all assessments 
  • Must receive practical experience under direct supervision
  • Passing score on final exam is 100%

Cost $395


  • Classroom training 
  • Practical application
  • Hard copy certification (valid for 5 years)
  • Light refreshments during your course
  • Dive club membership 
  • Student rates on new equipment purchases from us

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