Marine Invertebrate Ecology program

Invertebrates are animals that lack a vertebral column. They were the first animals to exist on Earth and have been here for over 500 million years! Invertebrates make up most of the life on Earth and are vital to the health and well-being of our planet.

The SSI Marine Invertebrate Ecology program is the best way to learn more about these amazing creatures. 

Course overview

In the SSI Marine Invertebrate Ecology program, you will discover the different types of invertebrates found in the ocean and find out why these creatures are a vital part of ocean ecosystems.


  • Minimum Age: Open to any age

  • Academic Sessions: Online learning

  • Confined Water: N/A

  • Open Water Dives: N/A

  • Max Depth: N/A

  • Time: 3 hours

Cost $120


  • Online training 

  • E-card

  • Dive club membership 

Ecology bundle packages 3x Eco specialties $2955x Eco specialties $375


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