Freediving Level 1 Program

Freediving is more than just an adventure. It is a lifestyle choice and the most wonderful journey of your life. 

The SSI Freediving Level 1 program gives you all the training and knowledge you need to safely freedive with a buddy in open water environments.

When you become an SSI Freediving Level 1 diver you open the door to worldwide freediving opportunities. 

Course overview

Learning to freedive with SSI is easier than you think. In the Freediving Level 1 program, online training, pool/confined water sessions and open water dives are combined to help you become a confident and safe freediver in no time. 

Once certified, you can freedive with a buddy in open water up to a depth of 20 meters and explore a variety of stunning underwater ecosystems around the world.


Cost $600


  • All standard dive gear
  • Online training 
  • Practical application and academic sessions
  • Breathing training sessions
  • E-card
  • Light refreshments during your course
  • Dive club membership 
  • Student rates on new equipment purchases from us

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