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SSI Crossover update program

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The SSI Crossover update program is to orient candidates certified by other training agencies to the SSI teaching and sales philosophies, SSI Training Standards, and the SSI Education System, using a workshop atmosphere. This program is also available to existing SSI Instructors who are in non teaching status and would like to become active again.

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  • Minimum age: 18 years old.

  • Hold a current dive medical.

  • Must have held an equivalent certification from a recognized training agency.

  • Must meet the minimum certification requirements for the certification being crossed over.

  • If a crossover candidate has been inactive with another agency for greater than five (5) years, they must follow the Returning to Active Status standards.

  • The candidate should not be currently involved in a quality compliance case with another training agency. If they are part of an active quality compliance case, they must disclose all information about the case with SSI prior to attending the crossover.

  • Any candidate who has been expelled from another training agency is automatically disqualified from attending an SSI Professional Crossover.

  • A dive master professional crossover candidate must have completed the Science of Diving knowledge and skill assessment.

  • If a dive professional has been inactive with another agency for greater than five (5) years, they must follow the Returning to Active Status standards.

Course Overview

The SSI Crossover update program has three components:Digital Learning: SSI developed this program using modern Educational Management System (EMS) technology. It is designed to provide you with the knowledge required to complete your training in an easy-to-understand, logical sequence.

Academic Sessions: These include lectures, instructor-led active learning sessions, and other interactive activities. They apply the knowledge gained from the digital learning in a practical, real- world environment. By completing these sessions, you will gain an understanding of what it takes to become an SSI professional.

Practical Application Sessions: This is the final component of your training, where you will further develop the skills and experience required by an SSI professional.

You will develop and be evaluated on your ability to conduct academic and in water training sessions, control and evaluate students, and promote SSI teaching and business philosophies for the benefit of both yourself, the training centre, and the entire dive industry.

The Crossover Process

1: The candidate creates a MySSI user account with a valid email address.

2: The candidate or the training centre completes the Professional Crossover registration, and the training centre prints the appropriate crossover training records directly from MySSI.

3: The candidate uploads all required documentation to their MySSI account:

4: The training centre orders the physical crossover kits (including the additional In-Water Evaluation slate for any Assistant Instructor Trainer candidates).

5: The candidate must complete the online crossover material, including the final exam.

6: The candidate must upload proof of all professional certifications held before the crossover certification date. After certification, no additional specialty instructor ratings can be issued for free.

7: The candidate attends and completes the applicable sections of the crossover program.

Sample Schedule

The SSI Crossover update program for Dive master candidates, requires at least two full days.

The SSI Crossover update program for Assistant Instructor and above requires at least four full working days to complete.

Assistant Instructor Trainer candidates require two more days to complete the additional in-water and academic requirements.

Day 1: Classroom:

  • Opening and IntroductionSSI History, Structure, Philosophy, and Why SSI

  • MySSI

  • SSI Training Standards

Day 2: Classroom:

  • SSI Education System | Scuba, Extended Range, and Professional Career Programs

Day 3: Classroom:

  • SSI Education System | Freediving, Mermaid, Swim, Lifeguard, and Professional Career Programs

  • SSI Record Keeping and Quality Management System (QMS)

  • SSI Business System

  • SSI Training Center Standards and Blue Oceans

  • MyDiveGuide and Scubago

  • In-Water Training Philosophy

  • Summary and Final Review up to Divemaster Instructor Level

Day 4: In-water:

  • Open Water Diver In-Water Skills Workshop

  • Diver Stress & Rescue Skills Workshop

Cost $1300


  • Online eLearning, academic sessions & in water training

  • Dive cylinders and weights provided during training

  • Final exam

  • SSI professional status activation & registration

  • E-card

  • Light refreshments during your course

  • Dive club membership 

  • Student rates on new equipment purchases from us

  • Ongoing support is available to all candidates after your SSI Crossover update program.


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