SSI Computer Diving Program

"Have you ever been standing at the dive site asking yourself how to correctly set your brand new computer"

Many divers know, read the manual before you go diving, but did you ? 

With the SSI Computer Diving program It is your chance to learn and understand diving computers. Learning how to plan your dive with a dive table is extremely important. It is how you develop an understanding of the decompression theory, but in real life, scuba divers do not use dive tables very often.

Dive computers make scuba diving safer and easier if you know how to set and use it correctly, the SSI Computer Diving program will teach your everything you need to know about diving with dive computers.

Course Overview

During your SSI Computer Diving program you will learn how to safely dive with a computer!

During the theory session we go through all the steps of the dive computer and give a detailed explanation on all functions, we also connect your computer to the PC (if possible) and show you which functions can be easy to log the dive ( digital) all possible functions are covered!

The SSI Computer Diving specialty can and may be combined with other SSI courses ask your instructor about the possibilities,

If you do not have your own dive computer, no worries, the SSI Computer Diving specialty can be completed using one of our training school dive computers.


  • Open water Diver or equivalent
  • Be medically fit and healthy to dive
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Academic Sessions: Online learning
  • Confined Water: N/A
  • Open Water Dives: 2
  • Max Depth: 30mtrs
  • Time: 1 day

Cost $300


  • All standard dive gear 
  • Online training 
  • Be fit and healthy to dive
  • Practical application and academic sessions
  • Use of multi gas dive computers
  • E-card
  • Light refreshments during your course
  • Dive club membership 
  • Student rates on new equipment purchases from us

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