Woman in (vintage) wetsuits

Vintage photos of women is wetsuits

Women have a long history with SCUBA diving dating back to the 1950's. For as long as woman have been diving there has been a requirement of suitable wetsuits that actually fit the female form correctly. Unfortunately the early wetsuits were not the most flattering (for both men and women) but over time manufacturing techniques improved and slowly but surely wetsuit design got much better.

Thanks to the likes of Dottie Frazier and her "Penguin suits", which were the first female wetsuits manufactured specifically for the female form, woman SCUBA divers could now purchase equipment specifically for their needs.
Early wetsuits were made from rubber and It wasn't until the 1950s that neoprene was first used in a wetsuit. At that time a number of people around the world began experimenting with neoprene as a way to stay warm in the water. Over the next two decades dive equipment manufacturers were established and each began to develop their own female only wetsuits, made from the new neoprene material, and colours other than black became widely available.

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Below are a selection of vintage photographs and advertising shots from a golden age of "woman in wetsuits". We think they all look awesome!

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P.S We think girls make better divers than guys, what's your thoughts?


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