Diving risk disclosure

Understanding the risks associated with diving activities conducted by Aotearoa Dive.

Diving risk disclosure

Diving is fun but there are risks involved that you need to be aware of before you begin any SCUBA or Free diving activities with Aotearoa Dive. Some of the hazards and risks include, but are not limited to:

Equipment malfunction, Drowning, Decompression illness, Ear and lung barotrauma, Ear infection, Air embolism, Hyperthermia & Hypothermia, Dehydration, UV exposure resulting in skin damage, Bites and stings from marine life, Gas narcosis, Shallow water blackout, Oxygen toxicity, Hypercapnia,  Slips, trips and falls, Back injury from lifting, Cuts and grazes, Nose bleeds, Marine traffic, Adverse weather including high winds and rain, sea sickness and motion sickness,  Natural disasters including tsunami, earthquake and volcano eruption. Vehicle and boat movement. Fire.

Before you begin any diving activities with us you will need to understand this diving risk disclosure and agree to the following:

  •  I understand that participating in any diving activity offered by Aotearoa Dive can be hazardous

  • I agree to abide by all instruction and rules set out by any Aotearoa Dive

  • I understand that if I act recklessly, I may be removed from the activity without any refund

  • I can confirm that I am physically and mentally fit to dive, and have notified Aotearoa Dive of any medical condition, injury or medication I may be taking

  • I can confirm that I am not under the influence of either alcohol or drugs which may impair my ability to participate in any diving activity

  • I can confirm that I have filled out the SSI Dive Medical/Participant questionnaire honestly

  • In the event of an accident, I consent to receiving medical treatment from Aotearoa Dive

  • I accept that Aotearoa Dive may remove me from any activity if I am at risk of injury to myself or someone else

  • I agree to wear all equipment required for the activity, and at all times during participation

  • I understand that if I act recklessly and do not follow safe practice and instruction, Aotearoa Dive will not be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss I cause to myself, my property or any other participant

  • I agree that if I lose or break any equipment supplied by Aotearoa Dive, I will pay in full for its replacement prior to completion of any activity

  • I give full permission for Aotearoa Dive to use any photos or video taken for marketing purposes unless I state otherwise

  • I give permission to Aotearoa Dive to add me to their mailing list and have the option to unsubscribe

Prior to any diving activity you will be required to sign a diving risk disclosure form, in that you have read, fully understand and agree to this Diving Risk Disclosure. 

In signing the diving risk disclosure you accept the risks and hazards associated with participation in diving activities conducted by Aotearoa Dive that may result in serious injury or death. 

You should understand that you have the opportunity not to participate in diving activity if you do not accept the risks and hazards and agree to all Terms and Conditions set out by Aotearoa Dive.


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